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Choosing the right study program is one of the most import decisions regarding your future. Sadly, due to the coronavirus there are no more open days available which has made it a lot more difficult to make the right choice. Therefore, we have started this platform to help you discover the ins-and-outs of your study of interest so you can make well founded choice! 

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Step 3: Ask the student about the ins-and-outs of your study of interest
Step 4: Make the right choice! :)

Meet a couple of our many students

Marie studiekeuze student

"Hi! My name is Marie and I'm currently studying Applied Psychology at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. I'm happy to tell you more about my study and student life. Hopefully this will help you make the right decision!"

Justin van Til studiekeuze student

"My name is Justin and last year I finished my bachelor Mechanical Engineering at the TU Delft. Choosing the right study is vital for your future career and I'm happy to help inform you properly about the ins-and-outs of Mechanical Engineering"

studiekeuze Lisa Zuidema student

"I'm Lisa and I have studied Liberal Arts and Sciences at the Amsterdam University College. I know how hard it is to decide what you want to study, so I'll gladly help you out. Feel free to contact me and I will share my personal experiences with you!"