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Julian Visser studiekeuze


Hi! I'm Julian and when I had to choose a study programme after finishing high school, I struggled quite a bit to have a good in-depth view on the various studies I was interested in. Therefore, to help out prospective students I decided to set up this platform so they can get more in-depth information about their potential study programme. Through this platform I hope it becomes easier to make a well founded decision.

Isa Dielen


Hi, my name is Isa and sadly I had to change my study programme multiple times. Eventually I spoke to a student of my current study programme on FaceTime, which really helped to get to know all the details so I could make the right decision. Therefore, I decided to setup this platform to allow prospective students to be informed in a similar way that I was. 

Simion Becker studiekeuze


Hello! I am Simion and last year I experienced first hand how choosing the wrong study can be a huge waste of time. Thus to prevent others in making similar mistakes, I thought it would be important to properly inform prospective students about their study of interest. Contacting a student of your study of interest really helps you to get to know the study, thus allowing you to make the right choice!

Edvardjan Visser studiekeuze

Edvard Jan

Choosing the right study is vital for your future, therefore, a well weighted choice should be made. I hope our platform, Studievisie, can help you make the right choice and help you to enjoy your student life!